Bengal this from a long year before used in this region Ruling house of Bengal Ancient history date back 4000 years when region was settled by Dravidian,Tibeto-Burman & Austro Asiatic people. after the arrival of Indo-Aryans, the kingdoms of Anga,Vanga & Nanda,Magadha 326BC were formed by the 10th Century B.C Bimbisara Ajatashatru c.460BC, Gupta dynasty 550AD, king the time of Buddah & Jainism Alexander the great approached the boundaries in 326BC, Greeks around 100BC, Diodonus Sioulus c.90-30 BC, Gangardi civilization from 400 BC to 100 AD King Shashanka 606, Pala dynasty 750 c.Sena Dynasty 1161 c. 1lyas Dynasty 1282 Ganesh Dynasty- 1415, 1lyas Dynasty (restored)1437, Habshis Dynasty-1486, Hussaini Dynasty 1494, Suri Dynasty-1539,Karoni Dynasty-1564, Nawab of Bengal-1703,last Bengal Sultanshahlam 11-1765, Dutch colonies-1770, colonial era-1757-1947 (1877 when Victoria took the title of "Empress of India" the British declared Calcutta west Bengal the capital of the British Raj)Pakistan-1947-71 Bengal has played an important role in Indian history. Bengal was divided by the British thrice but bengal people disagreed with the partition saying it was a way dividing a Bengal which is unitiedly language & history 1905 Bihar & Orissa (hindu west Bengal) Assam & Bengal (east muslim)1912 reunited east & west Bengal, Bihar & Orissa separate province. 1947 divided india east Bengal with- out Tippera & Assam call east pakistan the only nation who faught for mother language bengoli(Bengla)year 1952 died lot of people , East pakistan broke a way from pakistan after a war of independence Bangladesh literally "land of Bengal" 30 million people died in this war Bengal get a new country "Bangladesh" 16thDecember 1971.

Postal service since time immemorial the king/Sultan/Raja have for their exclusive use forreceiving & sending the news post man, pigeon, horses ,transmission of message is recorded 322 BC postal service devloped by the Sher Shah Suri(1534) made grand trunk road 2000 miles from connecting Sonagaon in Bengal with peshawar in the hindu kush, 1556 Akbar the great extended service by the Karani rulers of Bengal trade & wealth so impressed the moghuls that they called the region the "paradise of the Nations" 1576 calcutta (Bengal) post established 1766 by waren hesting Assam 1873, Bihar 1877, Eastern Bengal- 1878 made the postal system available for general public two annas minimum postal charge with "post paid" & for dues "un paid" seal 1852 1st paper stamp in Bengal province at 1854 half amma blue colour with Victoria head

British india adiministration 1784 to 1947, Pakistan overprint on british Indian stamps in Bengal region Pakistan stamp use on east Pakistan (Bengal) 1947 to 1971, East Bengal became Bangladesh 1971.

Courtesy : Mr Sheikh Shafiqul Islam

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