Comet Type

“Comet” cancellations, as the name implies consists of a “head”-circular in nature-forming tournmark portion on the left. Initially these were all of “hand stamp” Mature and the dies were made of cast steel to ensure long life). The general patterns, with the average size of various parts are shown in fig 2. Barring minor variations, almost all the cancellations examined by the author are of this single designdimensionally speaking which leads to the first major conclusion namely that-one common “dummy” or “skeleton” outline drawing was invariably used while preparing the design for a specific post office. Provisions for inserting the moveble fonts, either in three lines or two lines as the case may be, in the centre portion of the “head” in slots, are made while casting the die, such that the chancellor can be “set” while using it on any specific date at the post office. The need for this cancellation must have arisen due to the fact that (a) the wavy lines, leave a light and crisp impression on the stamp while performing the ac defacing it and (b) the town mark portion is further to the left and hence away from the printed region, resulting in clearer and full impression-absolutely required for establishing beyond doubt the day, time and office of dispatch even if the postal employee had not been very careful while producing the “strikes”.

1. Comet Type by Dr.P.G.Krishnamurthy