Year Indian Postal System - Major Land Marks
1853  First railway line of India started from Bombay to Thane.
1878  Start of insurance of letter and parcel services.
1879 Launch of the common man's and the poor's letter i.e. the post card.
1897 Start of postal certificates and express delivery.
1911 The capital of India transperred from Calcutta to Delhi.
1914 Start of Dead Letter Office in an organized form. For the first time Post and Telegraph both the departments under one Director General.
1917 Start of the loan bond and cash certificate for the first time by the post office.
1924 Start of the system for issuing radio licence.
1929 Air Mail Service started between India and Britain.
1935 Start of Indian Postal Order (IPO).
1949 Start of historic Air Mail (All Up Scheme). Under this, permission was granted for the first time carrying postcards and envelops without any surcharge. Postal distances shortened.
1954 A glorious function of the Indian postal department on the completion of 100 years of postage stamps.
1972 Start of the historic Pin code system.
1975 Quick Mail Service started.
1986 Introduction of the Speed Post Service.
2000 Start of the postal greeting card.