With effect from 1.3.1983, stationery charge was introduced on the postal stationery envelopes by the Department of Post. Postmasters were authorised to apply rubber stamp impressions for the stationery charge on the envelopes locally.

There are numerous forms of surcharges for the stationery charge or cost of envelope both with text and numeric, sometimes in English or Hindi only and in the other cases bilingual or even trilingual. Galaxy of such rubber stamp overprints appeared from various post offices, which is beyond the scope of their listing. Here are some examples of rubber stamp impressions for the stationery charge in different denominations. Examples are also seen with hand stamp having the text “Revised value 0-55 paise” in Hindi, English and Gujarati language. Old stocks of 35 paise envelopes were available at many post offices. Stationery Charge was also levied on these envelopes after affixing 15 p. postage stamps on them.The stationery charge / cost of envelope was 5 paise from 1st March 1983 to 31st Dec. 1986

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