Early Registration Markings (1854~1900)

INDIA-Registration Markings

                                                                        By R.S.NUTTALL

INTRODUCTION…a short extract from his handbook

“Registration” popularly implies a specially secure system of transmitting mails, providing compensation for lose or damage.
Originally, however, the term meant no more than is implied in its derivation –
 “the act of entering an item in a register or record for any purpose”.

In this sense, registration was the normal method of handling all mail in India ,
from a very early date, but no extra fee was charges and no compensation given.
There were two primary purposes; to keep track of every item so as to avoid loss
or mis-delivery; and as part of the complicated system of charging and recording postages by weight and distance,
a system designed to prevent postal employees from abstracting letters or falsifying accounts.

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