"The Postage stamp is a symbol of the Progress of
                                                     mankind and symbol of service. And apart from the daily
                                                     utility as a means of easy and cheap communication the
                                                     greater service it has done is that it acts as a bond of
                                                     unity and brotherhood between nations and people"
                                                                                                                    (Late) Pt Jawaharlal Nehru  

Stamp collecting is a hobby that helps to facilitate a depper awareness of culture, as stamps reflect the history,  politics,Social customes, nature and art of a country. The very purpose of philately should not be forgotton for this is the "Golden-Thread" that passes through the heart of practically every nation of the world with its silent magnificence spreading the   message of love, and Brotherhood.


               Indian Postal History.

Indian Registration System 5 paise Stationery Surcharge (1983)
Speed Post (India) Indian Meter Markings
Express Delivery Quick Mail Service

           Indian Postal Markings.

Delivery Cancellation - Secunderabad Comet Type
Slogan Post Marks Hindi Spellings
Dead Letter Office Night Post Office
Postage Prepaid in Cash License Postal Agency
postagedue Postage Due windowdelivery Window Delivery
earlymachinecancellation Early Machine Cancellation    


           Other Postal Receipts Acknowledgement & Labels.

V.P. Labels Parcel Receipt
Insured Labels Certificate of Posting
economyslip Economy Slip missentmailing Missent Mailing & Labels

           Postage Stamps.

Plate No's of 6th Definitive Series

           India (Used Abroad)

1. India used in Africa-Abyssinia, British Somaliland, British East Africa, Sudan and Zanzibar.
2. India used in the Persian Gulf.
3. India Used in other parts of Iraq, Afghanistan,Persia etc.
4. India Used in Aden.
5. India Used in Danish (?), French and Portugese Settlements in India.
6. India Used in Nepal and Tibet.
7. India Used in Burma.
8. India Used in Straits Settlements, etc.
9. Indian Stamps used during Army Campaigns and the two World Wars.
10. Miscellaneous group :
10.1 Paquebot, Sea Post Office, etc.
10.2 East Bengal (Now Bangladesh)