The Registration Receipts


The aim of this brief account of Postal Receipts, Acknowledgements and Lables is to enable collectors to understand and identify such of them as pass through the Post and become the property of receivers or are given to the customers as a part of postal transactions. I have selected only the commonly seen from and wherever possible given the departmental numbers assigned to them, which are sometimes printed on them.


Receipt for the Sender of a Registered Letter/Article
This was the oldest printed receipt given to a postal customer. In 1854, it was issued for Registered Letters, Newspapers and Packets from a printed Receipt Book. Number assigned to the article and the address on the cover were written on the Receipt and its counterfoil. The Receipt was then impressed Manual of 1855. From 1899, it was being also used for Insured Articles as well as all Registered Letters, Postcards, Packets and Parcles.

                 From Numbers :

Year Form No. Remarks
1873 IV1A, IV5A for B.Os.
1878 IV1A/IV5A revised
1881 30  
1882 30 revised
1882 30 further revised
1883 R23  
1885 R-6/R-1  
1899 R-1  
1917 (?) R&P-1 revised

Actual System

The early registration system provided for pieces of paper, or booklets, to be handed in, by the senders, together with the letters to be posted. As evidence of posting, the Post Office clerk would handstamp such papers exactly the same way as the actual letters.

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