Introduction to Rohan Photography

Its just been 2 years since 2009 ;
I have fallen in love... With the play of light.

What started off as a hobby, was purely an "accident''.
My elder sister bought an SLR for her college projects.
When I started experimenting with it, I realised ...
It's real fun and got hooked on to it.
Now Photography has grown more than a hobby, Into a passion which is an integral part of me.

When I say its an integral part, I mean it literally.
My camera is like a magic Gadget;
I use it for projecting several things :
- to convey my feelings,
- to convey how i would want to see the world,
- as a microscope when it comes to macro and
- to convey a point!

Whatever I have learnt in the subject of photography is from my Father,
whose into photography from ages and can get AMAZING photos even with a phone camera.

This passion seems to grow and I thought I should share it with everyone.
So here I am ! :)

rohan photo