Slogan Cancellation

In “India Post “ No.62 (1979) , Mike Smith and David Padgham began their Classification of Indian Postal Markings . I hope that my listings will lead , eventually, to full information on Types A29 and A32.

My own collecting interests only cover the Period to 1950 , but where I have received information beyond this date I have included it in the lists.

There are gaps in the Lists; I have read of other wordings in both types of cancellations, and I hope that members having different types will kindly supply me with tracings, Photostats or Photographs. It would be appreciated , and lead to an updated listing at a later date, if members will which I have listed . I would like to thank fellow members both in the U.K. and India who have helped me to date.

                                                                                                                                                By: BRIAN CARTWRIGHT